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She is one amazing person ever. She is a very smart and is very beautiful inside and out.

Anyone and any guy would be very lucky to have her in their life.

She has the cutest smile. She is the most adorable person ever. She is someone that you cant live without.

She loves her family more then anything. Music is her world, she cant live without out. She's loves animals, especially dogs.

SHE IS STRAIGHT. She always has a guy in her head, mostly hot/cute guys that have respect for girls and others, and don't act different around their friends.

She's not anorexic, nor fat. She likes her food, but she doesn't get fat. She likes sport, especially Touch Footy, and is a very athletic person.

She gives the best hugs, and advice, you can always turn to her when you need someone to talk to, or a shoulder to cry on.

She can be a total bitch a times, and she is such a smart ass/sarcastic towards everyone, but hey, everyone has their days.
Ni-ra-da Nirada
by nsdmcl,kmhxychtgfstvt October 31, 2011
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