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The mental disorder, in which, psychologically challenged individuals begin tugging on their nipples due to stress of being disease infested, yeasty, smelly, dirty old whores. The tugging increases the size of the nipples, which after years of this affliction, end up looking like earth worms hanging off an aerola.

Example - Rent "Yo Breasts Be Busted Bitch", starring adult film screen actress Martha Hess.
I didn't know what to do when I found out she had Nipplitis Giganticus Majora. I knew she was a crazy bitch, I just didn't know it was due to her herpes, which has caused her great psychological anguish. When I look at her breasts it's like a car accident.... I can't look away. I'm just afraid she's going to slap me around with those stringy ass nipples..... OIIIIII!
by Fortune Cookie Fucker January 04, 2008
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