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An individual who makes absurd and outlandish comments at very inappropriate times, has no sense in a social setting, and who may fuck up an entire situation simply by existing- however they are somehow still considered as a friend by many. They can often be identified in a crowd by spotting their redicious helmet or hat, often topped with a small ball or tuft of fuzz, thus resembling a nipple. The individual may sometimes not be adorn with said headware, in which they are simply referred to then as a “fuckwit” or, more kindly, a “loveable mistake of nature’s discourse”. All in all though, everyone- deep down in their hearts- loves a good ol’ nipplehat.
Guy 1: “Oh Jesus fucking Christ, that weird guy Romen just told that cop to go ‘fuck his pig mother in the mouth’ ! What the fuck is that fuckwit thinking?!”

Guy 2: “Yo man, don’t talk about Romen like that! He’s our group’s nipplehat. Can’t you see the tuft on his hat? It’s a telltale sign.”

Guy 1: “Oh fuck, my bad dude. That makes a lot more sense now.”
by Dvlinhb June 19, 2018
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