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The ongoing idea that Nintendo is soon going to fail in its marketing, sales, and/or other business practices, which will soon then follow the tracks of companies like Sega, Capcom, or Atari.
Billy: Gee wilickers Bimmy, this new Nintendo console sure is shitty. Why didn't they just use CDs like everyone else?
Bimmy: How should I know? I Nintendo wants to appeal to the retro crowd I suppose.
Billy: If Nintendo doesn't make a newer console that has next generation stuff in the next generation with the ability to read discs, they will probably go out of business.
Bimmy: Oh come on Billy, now you sound like them pesky Sega kids riding the Nintendoom train about how Nintendo has to be 16 bit or else they'll die.
Billy: Well gah lee Bimmy, calm your horses partner...
by Motherfucker Rudy April 07, 2015
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