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noun. Nintendo Fanboys GameCrap, because they spend countless amounts of dollars buying crappy rpg pokemon games to substitute the warm, embrace of a girlfriend. Their hollow lives are filled with hours of turn-based garbage followed by a short break of Hentai Masturbation.
Their lives are currentley being filmed for a Michael Moore epic "The Virgin Console". The members of this "elite" group of lonely bastards are usually aged from 20-40 while still living in the murky depths of their mother's basements. Their sexual actvity (Hentai Maturbation) must be done secretley as time is limited, as their mothers seem to have a knack for sensing semen. It is from that fact Nintendicks have been forced to evolve, allowing themselves to ejaculate within a matter of seconds. Their uncanny ability to whack off is a sign of Nintendo's greatest leap of evolution. Congratulations Nintendo! Thousands of generations will end thanks to your absolutley nerd enticing, retardation enducing brand of rpg bullshit. Well Done!
That guy whacked off to Hentai! What a Nintendick!
by Sonyroolz September 21, 2005
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