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Nintaijutsu is a martial arts system made up by an Youtube celebrity named Greg park, in 2007. Greg Park is a resident of Los Angeles with Korean ancestry. Utilizing his background in TaeKwonDo training he invented his own martial art which he named Nintaijutsu, which is based around his own theory that Japanese Ninja were originally from Korea. Although historians, history books, and all evidence does not support his theory, he has continued to gain over 75,000 followers to his Korean stealth martial art.
14 year old kid with a Youtube account: Hey dad I'm practicing this new stealth martial art over the internet! It's called Nintaijutsu and it's what ancient Korean Ninja practiced before they immigrated to Japan and taught the Japanese the art of the Ninja!

Japanese historian dad: *puts kid through wall for failing as his son*
by willthisnamework September 02, 2010
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Whatever martial art Chosuninja is obssesing on at the time.
Nintaijutsu is Korean Ninjutsu!

a month later

Nintaijutsu is DTG Karate.
by Kudasai February 01, 2013
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