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Anjani = Ninjaa.
Used exclusively for a person who seems average, but hunt snorlaxi and eat zanahorias on a daily basis. Ninjaa's often do things that the normal person cannot do, such as access sparknotes on school computers and get starbucks in the middle of class. Response to everything is "Don't worry 'bout it."
Also used to describe short indians.
Person A: Woah, who is that short indian girl that's climbing up the wall?

Person B: Oh, don't worry about it. It's just ninjaa.
by LALALALLALALALLAindian. May 27, 2010
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the word maria and clay made up
len's the manager
slickk and ill
i am a ninjaa
clay n maria are the best ninjaas ever walked on this planet
noone can mess with these fuckers
you make fun of them they slice ur throat n other living shlong on ur body
by ninjaa10 February 24, 2010
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