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An Oral Raping of the Breasts, akin to swallowing it.

Comes from a pivotal scene in Ninja Scroll (1993) in which Tessai literally fits a woman's whole breast into his mouth and seems to suck on it with the force of a vaccuum.
David is totally Ninja Scrolling Anna in the bathroom, bros!
by lbeesntdeirx November 25, 2010
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The act of sucking a girl's tit whereby the person totally puts the whole thing in their mouth or almost manages to do it while making a sucking like sound. Has nothing to do with rape.

It is derived from the gratuitously sexual and violent anime called Ninja Scroll. An antagonistic character T'ssai rapes one of the main protagonist women, Kegaro, where he literally had one of her porn star tits completely inside of his mouth. It was the most hilarious scene in Ninja Scroll.
He is so ninja scrolling his gf tonight.
by negev November 20, 2010
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