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The best place on the web to watch full movies and television programs for free. Everything is high quality and most of the time reliable. However, there is a price to pay for such free services. The sheer amount of self-adulation and false assessments about the quality of the programs offered on the site is becoming so frequent it is nauseating. Every video that is put up has some sort of pat on the back attached to it by the admins who posted it. They even make claims about being the SOLE website to host a certain video, when it is simply NOT TRUE. On top of that, they say they are the only ones who have a quality version of something, but when you go to play it, it sits there buffering at 0%. I could stomach the self-adulation and arrogant opinions if they were true to their word about the quality of their site, but they're not. They think that because their doing everyone a favor they have the right to parade around like arrogant jerks. Well they don't. Phara, Wadsworth, and the whole lot need to get over themselves and drop the whole "leet" act. I am not going to donate to a site that thinks so highly of themselves, while verbally shitting on the programs I like and promoting the programs that are garbage.
Just skim the main page of Ninja Video or listen to one of their moronic podcasts. It will be quite clear.
by Lament For The Last Days October 25, 2008
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