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The act of releasing a ninja fart, but you also shit your pants without making a sound. It is a disgusting and the most foul smell and completely silent. They usually smell like a bag full of diapers tossed into a tire fire. The Ninja Shart also shows no reaction by the flatulent bastard. A silent but deadly Shart! Basically a nuclear bomb of crop dusting innocent bystanders, and shitting your pants while no one hears a thing.
Jon- Today is a good day.
Tiffany- Ahhh, Yes it is,

(ninja shart occurs)
Jon- Hey, wait a sec... what is that god awful smell, I can almost taste it.. Ohhh yep, I can definitely taste it.. (dry heaving)
Tiffany- Ohhh no, I just Ninja Sharted.
Jon- Ohhh god no, I didn't even hear it.. Ahh, I have to go puke!!
by Runswith2beers March 08, 2013
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