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A small, short, cute, petite, tight, hot girl, possibily childlike or has a girlish charm about her, but is also reasonably flexible or 'nimble', especially when in sexual intercourse.

She is such that a man with whom she is having sexual relations can grip her and bounce her on his cock, without much effort from either party, because of her light/agile frame and nimble and flexible characteristics.
They cannot just be short in height, they also have to be light, tight, skinny and flexible. A girl that you can effortlessly shake/lift up and down on your shaft without any effort on their part.
Standard hot celebs usually don't fit the bill because they are too tall, generally they have to be shorter than 5ft3.
The word pixie is used because she does some fucking sweet magic on your dick and because she is small and light like a pixie or nymph.
The word nimble is used because she is flexible and can jump around doing some crazy stuff on your dick that only small, light chicks can do.
"That chick is a straight up nimble pixie! I can imagine her twinkling her magic dust all over my junk and let her go CRAZY all over it!".

"I could bounce that nimble pixie on my dick all night long and never get tired".
by indi-boy April 27, 2011
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