The most baller, comfortable socks to exist. Typically worn by adolescents. Elites are said to be way overpriced, at around $14 a pair here in the United States. However, they're very soft and stylish. Elites feature a solid color fabric, an accent color that is used for the stripe going down the back, the swoosh, and other parts of the sock. Elite 2.0s, the newer model, feature 3 different colors - a stripe and two other solid colors. Elite Vapors, the football Elites, are a solid color with a triangular-like stripe going down the back. Two-Layer Elites are simply regular Elites with a second layer underneath. No matter which model you buy, all are labeled with the Swoosh on one side of the sock (right sock means the logo is on the right, left sock means the logo is on the left). Custom Elites have been created and continue to be popular, although their price is usually about 3x the normal ($45). There have also been Elites made that use the Breast Cancer Awareness logo as well as the LeBron logo. Overall, I think that Elites are definitely amazing.
Guy #1 - "Hey man, I got some new Nike Elites. They're black with a red accent color!"

Guy #2 "Oh bro, those Nike Elites are sick."
by FlyAsHell October 28, 2012
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