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The nick name of Nika Harper, a "Riot Games" employee, who is the host of the League of Legends weekly YouTube series called the "Summoner Showcase" in which she presents League of Legends related art created by players of the game.

Nika has gained high popularity among players of the game due to her looks, charisma and unique personality.
It is well known that most people watch the "Summoner Showcase" only for Nika and not for the actual art.

Nika holds the world record for most marriage proposals ever offered to a single woman!

Nika is also an avid gamer, cosplayer and music fan.
Player 1: "Have you seen the new Summoner Showcase episode?!? Nikasaur is soooooo cute!"

Player 2: "Yeah...couldn't really notice the actual art! Nika attracts all my attention!!!"
by Teldil December 07, 2011
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