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A walking sexy, intimidating, shy and yet naughty goddess. She is naturally beautiful and will act tough, but really, she's a cute, honest shorty that wouldn't even think about hurting anyone, and you, if you're lucky. She's the love type that will give you her all if you do, and will love you with everything she has. She's no player, she is spontaneous and weirdly adorable. She's the girl that you wouldn't find anywhere else, the one who can't compare to others.

If you have your own Nihvian and you just so happen to read this, you're lucky. Once you let her go, that's it. She's gone, no more attempts to make you smile, no more dry jokes (which all Nihvians seem to tell). No other girl will ever compare to this beauty, no other girl will love you like she does. Please treat your Nihvian with respect and let her know she's yours, give her endless hugs and kisses, 'Good Morning' calls and 'Goodnight' calls.

Although she has many imperfections, they make her perfect just the way she is. She may not have accepted them yet, but that's the self conscious, shy girl she is. She may be stubborn at times, and will do anything to prove you wrong and prove her point. I guess she's just the best friend and lover you could ever find, and could not find anywhere else. We need more Nihvians in this world.
Person 1: I wish I had myself a Nihvian.
Person 2: Yes you do.
by ineedhertbh June 10, 2018
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