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(Nig-ra-tor-e-um).noun. -A "black only" community pool, or mostly "black only" pool, in which blacks deal drugs, pop caps, jump fences, and try to overcome their steriotypical fear of water. The sounds heard from most Nigratoriums are the echos of a booming bass to a rap song, the screams of a nigris, almost like a monkey, call her niglets, and black talk. Most Nigratoriums are only available for entry with a "password" pretaining to why nigger fathers support their nigris and niglets less than a park bench, and or why niggers love kentucky fried chicken. Most if not all Nigratoriums also have an AIDS initiation for non black members who would like entry to the community Nigratorium.
Guy 1. - Did you hear about the death at the Nigratorium last week?
Guy 2. - No, did another nigger drown while trying to swim again?
Guy 1. - No, that'd be the 8th one this week! A nigris ran out of KFC and her baby daddy didn't have money to get more, forcing her to eat one of her niglets.
Guy 2. - Oh niggers
Guy 1. - It sure is a jungle out there, I'm glad we are white and can support our families!
by The Third Leg July 29, 2012
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