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Nightdad: A man age 30 to 60 with a libidinously ambiguous interest in younger men. Nightdaddish activities include doing favors for these young men that an ordinary dad would not agree to, such as the following: driving them to a girlfriend’s house late at night, buying beer or pot, procuring inexpensive handjobs by putting themselves in perilous situations that might include walking alone in a seedy litter strewn junkie park, buying them wood for a club house, or other gifts necessary for a healthy and fun young-man living. A nightdad is less a surrogate father, and more of a cool but not so cool older brother’s really cool friend that will amazingly agree to do things to rock a younger dude’s world.
domenic: i hate playing "hey mister" in the 7-11 parking lot
philipp: hey... look over there, that shadow in the beat up miata? i bet if we invite him over to play "sorry!" with the guys, he'd buy us some booze
domenic: (craning neck for a better look) houston, we've got ourselves a nightdad...
by jamie_lawson August 22, 2011
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