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Feeling an individual has when, at one am, they feel overwhelmed, helpness, and generally melancholy.

Often times, thinking about ways to radically change ones life are the source of night sadness. Rarely every acted upon the next day. Common thought paths found during Night Sadness include; but, are not limited to the following:
Money Worries
Appearance Frustration
Purpose for Living
Death, who, what, when, where, and why
Family problems
Educational Mishaps
Lackluster Love life

The best cure for Night Sadness is sleep, as day will bring happiness and distraction from what kept you up during the night.
Susy stayed up until three in the morning contemplating life and death. She had a severe case of night sadness; and, the cure, sleep, was elusive.
by SadnessSurroundsMe May 15, 2009
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