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When taking a hit of marijuana (usually a blunt or joint) you simply let the smoke ooze out of your mouth because you are or think you're black, making you too lazy to actually blow it out.
I just took a fat niggerhit of that joint. Notice all the smoke oozing out of my mouth?

Notorious BIG loves niggerhits

Lil Wayne is doing a niggerhit on his album cover "Tear Drop Tune"
by notoriousNIG September 28, 2010
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The last hit of marijuana in a pipe before it is out. Usually tastes like ash and gets black stuff in your mouth.
A: "Is that bowl out, Man?"

B: "No, but there is one last Nigger Hit in there if you want it."
by emillionaire & ntwadumela July 14, 2010
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