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An up and coming underground holiday where people of all cultures participate in the act of "All things niggarish" for a solid 7 day week. Acts include: waking up late, showing up for work and other engagements late, starting fights and arguments with strangers over nothing, and getting crunk. One usually chooses to watch alot of BET during this time.

Typically the 1st, 2nd, or 4th week of December.
Last December, a group of employees in jacksonville celebrated Annual Niggarish Week by consistently arriving to work at least 15 minutes late and went to the club in groups of 20 and fought it out with security over wearing unacceptable attire. The leader is quoted as screaming that the security could "Eat a sack of baby dicks"

Asian student Ryuji was seen saying the n-word and claiming that its what was hot in the streets on December 6th of 2010
by Kam1kaz1 December 10, 2010
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