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it is an old turkish-iranian saying. It means:"to continuously bother and throttle their plans for rescuing the almighty Ahnold Frumpinahtor (metaphorically spoked of co69urse." <---hidden word... okay.
Max: "dude. my grandma fuckin Nigerian Brain Squeezed me man. dubble-yew tee eff."
snackums:"Dude dont worry just call this saying: ocropis was very him gemomthn today cd l,aeter was grandma indian niggers ni dig , it is wat it is"

Max: "giant silber gilet c accaboinet the night before last night s,eelj g basd gkkdagkkdagkddaa greain jukice in my buicket of OF it is what it seems to is."
snackums: "alright youre fuckin crazy."
by DontEatheBaby July 18, 2010
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