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Anthony Favata is the definition of a boss. The man is tough, strong, and doesn't take garbage from anybody. If you're his friend, he will always have your back. Always remain his friend and stay on his good side. He is also a very avid sports enthusiast. He is the man and if you dont know him you would think hes a thug even though he has close to a 4.0 gpa. Rockstar games should make a video game about him. It would be more intersting than GTA.
Guy 1:Yo did your car get towed?

Guy 2: Yea bro
Guy 1: Yo call Anthony Favata, he will get your car back and have them pay you instead.

Guy 1: Yo how's the pig? Yo how's nigel?
Guy 2: I want this thing out of here!!
Anthony Favata: Yo chill out, its just a pig. Hey there pig, its uncle Favata! I got your back!

Its a bird, its a plane, no its Anthony Favata.

Anthony Favata, the man the myth the legend.
by Favatafan137 November 25, 2013
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