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To act in a manner that embodies all that is humanly wrong. Or to engage in activities that might compromise a normal person's integrity. These "nigger-like" activities include, but are not limited to: annoying everyone, stealing everything in sight, spontaneously "rapping", walking absurdly slow while other people must wait, littering McDonald's wrappers, guilt tripping others into giving you things you didn't work for
Person 1: Who the hell ate my sub and drank my beers?

Person 2: It was blake, he's been broke and has to Nig It Up for a while.

Blake: Huh, sorry man.

Person 1: God damnit you dipshit! Get a Job!
by BigGulp February 01, 2010
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To act like a stereotypical black person for a period time. It includes but is not limited to: excessive showboating or dancing, talking or laughing loudly, being rude or arrogant, thinking white people are the enemy, and fighting over trivial issues like shoes. Basically, anything that would catch someone's attention and make them think, "What a stupid nigger."
Ex 1:

Friend 1: Did you see Chad Johnson do that obnoxious TD celebration?

Friend 2: Yeah. He could have just handed the ball to the ref but he just had to nig it up, didn't he?

Ex 2:

Teacher: Why are you late, Eric?

Eric: Sorry, teach, but some students were niggin it up in the hallway and I couldnt get by them.
by KingFelix34 October 18, 2010
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1.) A goodbye phrase which encourages, chilling out, taking care of one's self, staying black, and any other form of keeping it real.
A: Yo, I leave for Miami tomorrow.
B: Aight man, Nig It Up
by Steve Jordan May 05, 2006
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To be amazing in athletic competition as to be an african american.

To own competition or to at least win in athletics.

(Being black is not necessary to "nig it up")
(Track Race) Quick! He's catching up! Nig it up!!
by champbronc2 April 01, 2007
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