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Niesha- Knee- Sha - A derivative of Nies meaning elegant or robe.

The term "niesha" (noun) usually refers to an elegant and voluptuous woman in New Zealand.

Commonly used with other variations including TaNiesha, LaNiesha and others.

Also a name given to Maori Royalty meaning "One with rohanui, the goddess of lovemaking."
She's the Niesha of the tribe.

"Get a load of that Niesha over there."

I'd like to get with a Niesha.
by Mall0y January 08, 2010
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a lovely girl who could never hope to be able to handle the awesome fucking ability of jason and scotty
the niesha girl is a pussy

ya she could never get with jason
ya let alone scotty
by nosaj27 October 13, 2011
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