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What a lady gets when she has a male friend over that she doesn't want to have sex with. The sudden urge to fall asleep or go to bed when you are with a guy/girl you don't wanna have sex.
Girl 1: Hey did you have fun last night with your friend?
Girl 2: Yes, I did. But the vibe got kinda weird so I developed Nicoma and went to bed. It happens every time he comes over.
Girl 1: Why? He is so cute.
Girl 2: I dunno. I think if I do it once I'll wanna fuck him all the time.
by tonyteed September 09, 2013
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A sociopath of many minds and will destroy anyone who gets in the way, she has a short fuse and if you piss her off then you’ll lose yourself. She is caring about those who truly understand her and will protect them, she’ll even kill for them.
Nicoma is a killer badass
by Anonymous Sailor November 10, 2018
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