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Nicolex is the unholy ship of celebrity (and douchebag) Alexander Ludwig and his 'model' girlfriend Nicole Pedra. Nicole Pedra isn't even a model. She models feet. This ship is one of the biggest party poopers for anyone who ships Alexander Ludwig with Isabelle Fuhrman. Nicolex has been known to burn the skin, something like acid. It is unlikely their relationship will go on much longer. Since this relationship, many have started hating Ludwig, yet they continue shipping him with actual angel Isabelle Fuhrman in the hopes that she can restore his old ways. People who ship this are literally only looking for approval from Alexander so they'll get a shout out on twitter. Nicole Pedra has changed Alexander from being a bit of an asshole (But tolerable) into the biggest douche on the planet. Many people hate this couple and hope to someday damn it back to the fiery depths of hell from which it spawned. Alexander has young fans, and has tweeted since dating Pedra about playing with her nipples and basically has devoted his entire twitter to their sex life.
Alexander Ludwig: Off to #Ireland with the #LadyFriend #Crispy #TryHard #LoveMyFans
Nicole Pedra: omg soooo sweet!!! <33 #LuckiestGirlAlive #Nicolex
Alexbelle Fandom: Shut the fuck up no one even likes Race to Witch Mountain you shit

Nicolex Shipper: Omg Nicolex is my lyf!!!
Alexbelle Shipper: Nicolex did u mean NOcolex
by Alexbelle Shipper June 27, 2013
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