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An amazing girl who has basically everything guys look for: beauty beyond words, dirty humor, a funny laugh, compassionate nature, and a very easy-to-be-around personality. She has a spicy attitude that turns you on but when she really gets mad all you can do is smile. She claims that she was gonna call you first when really she wasn't even think about it. She also gets mad that you didn't text get when really that's only because you were writing about her on urban dictionary. you can't help but love her.
Boy: wow she's amazing in every way she must be a Nicolena!
by Loser23117 April 01, 2011
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An awesome blonde hair- blue eyed girl that loves soccer and track. She doesn’t always take things seriously but most of the time that’s a good thing. She is into red heads so if you have red hair you have a decent chance at getting with her.
“Her name is Nicolena. I hear she’s into guys with red hair.”
by #thebestfriendever June 05, 2018
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