the story of a young women who though no fault of her own, tried to move on with her life after a divorce from a psychotic, egotistical, women-beating, little boy and murderer.

Nicole Simpson met O. J. Simpson in June 1977 while working as a waitress at a Beverly Hills nightclub. Brown and Simpson were married on February 2, 1985 They had two children together ( poor kids.) The marriage lasted seven years, during which Simpson pleaded no contest to spousal abuse in 1989 Brown filed for divorce in 1992 citing "irreconcilable differences. On the morning of June 13, 1994, neighbors found the mutilated bodies of Nicole Simpson and her acquaintance Ronald Goldman in the enclosed front courtyard of her condo. Goldman was a waiter at the restaurant Mezzaluna, where Brown and her family had dined that evening. Both Goldman and Brown had been stabbed multiple times. O. J. Simpson was arrested and charged with both murders; he was acquitted of these crimes in a criminal trial. By simply playing the overused "Race card." However, in a subsequent civil trial, he was found liable for the deaths of his ex-wife and Goldman and ordered to pay $33,500,000 to the families of Brown and Goldman, in which in the ten years of their pain, they never received a single dime. There death was the act of a cowardice from a man who deserves everything he's gotten. some say O.J was innocent, although those people are also make up one-forth of the U.S's retard ratio. May Ron and Nicole rest in peace.
Nicole Brown Simpson O. J. Simpson Ronald Goldman Race card murder
by PROUD_BLACK_MAN July 1, 2010
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