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Surviving an insurmountable amount in any video game.
Guy 1 : "Dude, you just got hit in the head with a predator missile!!!! And just walked away from it."

Guy 2 : "Dude....what predator missile?"

Guy 1 : "Thats was a Nico Effect ever I ever saw one."
by TheNicoEffect3 August 03, 2010
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The psychological effect of the modern-day era where one is able to predict what would happen after they get into some type of situation that has something else happening behind the scenes. Usually involved with your friend's girlfriend.
Conversation between Boy 1 and Boy 2..

Boy 1: bro, so what happened with you and her? Were you able to smash?
Boy 2: no dude, I experienced the Nico effect. I knew she had a boyfriend, and in the end she'll say she'll call cuts with me.
Boy 1: damn bro. Anything else happen?
Boy 2: well I hit up her dm's and she's like "we're dating so you can't be feeling like this rn" and I'm like "ik you were dating I was being sarcastic".
by Asian guy that's Filipino August 13, 2017
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