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When you stand in line for something and the line gets significantly longer after you get in line
A: Good thing we lined up 5 minutes ago, the line got twice as long.

B: That's Nicky's Law!
by ykjs June 22, 2013
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Similar to Godwin's Law, if an argument over music is taking place and one party invokes Brittany Spears, they automatically lose the argument.
Pedro: "okay, diego's umbrella was a big improvement over bat makumba"

Javier: "What r u talking about? Bat Makumba tore it up. They are different...for sure. If you can't handle it go listen to your Brittany Spears albums and keep your mind closed to the World."

Pedro: "I love that you just called someone who went to a dengue fever show a closed minded brittany spears fan - I'm invoking Nicky's Law."
by contract-expand February 09, 2010
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