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A person that lives in modest to poor conditions that votes for right wing and tea party extremist because they identify them as ass kickers and macho... even though it is most likely detrimental to their personal finances.
Believes ALL the problems in America are created by welfare queens, homosexuals, Muslims, illegal immigrants, atheists, and LIBERALS.
Comparable to a redneck or an asshole or a tea-bagger and usually a douche-bag.
Thinks that a Red Dawn event would be a good thing to get rid of all of those "pinko quairs" that hate 'Merica.
A Nickelback Republican believes EVERYTHING that is put on the air on Fox NEWS as is a fact rather than opinion.

A Nickelback Republican Worships Sean Hannity; Bill O'Reilly; Chuck Norris; George W. Bush; Ronald Reagan
by false pair o dime October 01, 2012
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