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Nick Sitko is someone that posted on NSX Prime plugging for his own website. Members blasted him and found out his name via domain lookup. With his name a member looked him up on the South Carolina Sex Offender registry and found out that he was one of them thus owning him utterly and completely.
Guy 1: You should come to my party!
Guy 2: STFU stop plugging Nick Sitko!
by TC Lude December 31, 2007
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The victim of the biggest internet beatdown to date. He tried to spam a ricer forum and was caught, in the process exposing virtually every aspect of his personal life, including his sex offender status.
"See that ricer-driving wigger over there getting the shit kicked out of him by that mob?"


"I think that's Nick Sitko."
by Subway's Jared January 05, 2008
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