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Otherwise known as "Fang". One of the greatest zombie hunters the world has ever known.
Fang was born in the year 100 B.C. on the druidic island of Avalon. He was raised by the priestesses of the land and at the age of 16 was sent into the world of men to protect them from evil. He died at age 32, but has been reincarnated many times. He is currently on his 42nd reincarnation as a trumpet player in Missouri. When all hope is lost and the world once again needs a hero, Nick will shed his jazz playing trumpet skills and will step forth and proclaim himself as the protector of our world. Then he will fight all of our enemies and save our asses.
He also enjoys dressing up in drag and singing Celine Dion power ballads.
Nick Howell is fang.
by Aphira January 16, 2009
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