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Niciskinmead |nic-isk-in-mead| Verb (-ed, -er)

1. Where you can not get Nichole's voice out of your
head when ever you hear, read, write or say "stupid".

2. When Nichole comes to mind after eating large portions of food.
Such as, Eating a whole watermelon.

3. Someone who reminds you of Nichole Wisch and
you feel like a part of you is missing

Origin of Niciskinmead Came from the English words - Nichole Is Stuck In My Head
Niciskinmead, How to use in a sentence:

1. I was texting "stupid" to my friend and my mind niciskinmead.

2. My mind became niciskinmeaded after eating a whole watermelon.

3. Goku became a niciskinmeader when she shared a story about how Nichole wore her pants inside out
by EatsALotOfFoodAndLaughsAtYou September 07, 2011
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