"Nice view" is a phrase used by me and my friends. It is something that I think I worth sharing.

We say this when a friend of ours is sitting in front of someone's ass crack. "Nice view" is a mixture of sarcasm and if the view IS nice, good for you.

Me: Nice view. (Followed by a wink)
Her: I know right. (Sarcasm)

You know those times where you are just there working your butt off so you dont have homework tonight and then the person in front of you needs help so the teacher comes over and leans to the person so the her huge fat ass is right in front of your freaking face?

Me: Nice view. (While puking)

Now, are you scared of heights? Because the line on your behind is like halfway there. Pull it up!!
A fat ass person sits in front of me.

Me: Check out my nice view.
Her: That's beautiful.
by marlanmae April 29, 2013