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1. Phonetic translation of the Arabic word for "Arrow". Used as a name for both females and males.

2. A beautiful young woman. Often referred to as "Cupid's Arrow". Unbelievably good looking, sexy as the day is long, and a tiger in the bed. Lady in the streets, freak in the sheets.

3. An idiotic male. Often found working in menial tasks, such as mopping floors or mowing lawns. Generally lazy, overweight, and a burden on society.
1. (Self Explanatory)

2. "God, Nibal is looking BANGING today."

3. "Nibal never delivers my pizza on time. Lazy punk.
by MohammedFarakan August 10, 2009
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super faggy kid who thinks hes an evomo sponsered marzocchi machanic but he cant keep a job at the giant factory, let alone get one at NP bikes. something eric redner has succeded at
nibal is a faggot nibal is so gay he is a wacko
by eric redner May 31, 2008
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