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Niahm is an Irish name meaning bright or radiant usually given to girls. Niahms are usually nice girls who are true to their word and very fun to be around and good actresses. Pronounced "Nieve".
"Omg Niahm is so sweet."
by AdeltaE January 11, 2018
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Niahm's come in all shapes and sizes, mostly skinny boys. Because of there unique name, they believe they are more superiour to others. They try to start trends and think they are better than everyone else. However they look like a complete nob. When it comes to ladies, they are a fail. There "smooth" lines often end up getting laughed at. And when they eventually get a girl, they mess it up.

When they are on there own they are nice, easy to talk to and you can get on with them. when they are with there friends he tends to show off, always wanting to be the centre of attention 24/7.
twat snob rock mess niahm
by butknee April 19, 2011
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