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Ni’Earica also know as a short thick girl who doesn’t want her ass. But she is nice and kind. But will gladly beat a nigga ass for being disrespectful to her or anyone for that matter. She is between light and brown skinned. She loves sports she will be loyal and care for anyone as long as you don’t cross her. She has a bad ass temper just ask her brothers . She will give you an attitude in a second. She is kinda stubborn she just don’t want to share but she do at times. She is most likely gonna be a good ass friend. She doesn’t hold a grudge. She hates petty ppl she hates drama with a passion. Tbh if you not gonna swipe don’t say shit.💯
Damn Ni’Earica is short asf
by Ni’Earica July 12, 2018
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