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Pretty much the coolest place on earth. The beez kneez per say. Home of one stop light that can cause a major backup - sometimes up to five minutes. Also home to 950 residents, or atleast according to the sign that's probably been there since 1950.

Recently got it's first fast-food restaurant, a Burger King, which has really boosted the economy. But be careful, if you're going down I-45 and you blink at the right moment, you might miss it. The town that is.

The local school system is alright. There's four schools - an elementary, intermediate, middle, and high school. Mostly everybody (except buttercup) is cool but if you got a secret, don't expect it to stay that way for long. Everybody knows everything about everyone. Who's doing who, who's a whore, etc.

As far as ethnicity goes, it's mostly white except for that one place right when you come in town - Longstreet. Steer away from that place cuz they rapin' erybody out there. And there's like 5 mexicans.

If you're ever rollin' through the area, definitely check it out. It'll only take a minute. Literally.
"Yo, where you from man?"
"New Waverly, TX fool."
"You must be a badass then."
by cdawgisawesome2014 January 05, 2011
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