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Originated in New Jersey, but rapidly went global when the rest of the world felt its sting. Involves coaxing your male friend into mooning someone/somebody. When he drops his britches, you pull out a metal ruler or yard stick and slap the hell out of the back of his wedding tackle. Very painful and unless your friends are complete morons, they will only fall for this all time party favorite once.
Ryan: Hey yo Chris, moon that bus of nuns over there!
Chris: YEAH! (spoken Lil' Jon style)
Chris drops trow and reveals his shockingly white ass as Ryan discreetly pulls out a metal ruler.
There is a smack heard round the world as Chris's now black n' blue ball sack flies forward hitting him in the face.
Chris: Do that again you gheymo and I'll lite your face on fire and put it out with an ice pick!
by ruthless January 31, 2005
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