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A term used by loyal New York Giants fans from the Jersey Metro Area due to the undeniable fact that the Giants play in East Rutherford, New Jersey and that seventy percent of the awesome people who attend the New York Giant's games are from New Jersey. The term also allows such New Jersians to remember the days of Lawrence Taylor "L.T." and dream of the team reinstating the big "Giants" insignia on the side of their blue helmets.
"The New Jersey Giants play in Giants Stadium which is located in East Rutherford, New Jersey where even some special olympics teams such as the New York Jets attempt to play full contact football."
by Aaron Throws Up The Shocker October 04, 2006
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A football team whose fans like to berate Jet fans for being too poor. The fact is that these people all live in New Jersey and upstate NY, FAR from NYC. They fail to realize that the Jets are the true team of NYC, and that the Jets are infinitely better these days. The Giants will continue to suck until they get a decent O-Line and a tight end who isn't beathing the crap out of refs. Their QBs are also average at best, and Eli will never become anything like his brother. Their saving graces are Tiki Barber and Michael Strahan.
The Giants will probably go five years before making the playoffs again, while the Jets and the Eagles continue to soar high above them. And Shockey is far worse than TO when it comes to berating.
by Crazyswordsman February 04, 2005
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