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A Technical College located in Warwick, RI. Mostly notable for popularizing the 18 month degree programs in the North East that net you an Associates degree in less than 4 years, if you willing to pay the outrageous tuition they force upon their students of mostly GED holders, ghetto dwellers, stoners, slackers, and last-chance-to-get-my-life-on-trackers.

The education you recieve is akin to a glorified private high school. In the same respect, the drug flow is also as equivilent.

Affectionately known as NEIT (nee-it) by locals and students. This institution is based around cut-throat deals, and subjective internal deceit, in which their politics secretly govern the school as if it were a small dictatorship nation.

Despite their advertising for job placement upon graduation, if you are taking certain degree paths, they will avidly reject any possibility of granting you any sort of contacts of which to base the rest of your life on.

If you want the American University life style, this Institution (aptly named) is not for you. See also URI, RIC, JWU, Rodger Williams, they are cheaper and more respected.
NEIT Kid: "I went to New England Tech to get a great education, have an amazing college experience, and get help with finding a stellar job upon graduation."

University Kid: "Are you high?"
by Cardboard box dweller December 03, 2010
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