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A promotion forum that pulled up a good start, ended with crackings from Brandon and his team, and more. All but one NAA's ran on Invisionfree, the last one on IPB. It all started in August 2008, where TStorm2, Womo123, speedjammer, akiratheoni, RedSox9, and a few others started the NAA staff team. MisaTange became an elite member, then requested to become a service team member. They approved her application, though, because of her IP address was considered to be a spambot. A month later, all hell released. The forum was cracked for the first time, ever. Two more NAA's with the similar timeline and staff members above happened, and then was cracked again. After getting cracked a third time, two staff members took the stage for administrator. akiratheoni and Womo123 retired, and the administrative team was RedSox9 and MisaTange. We did not finish the graphics, and it was cracked. Next to take administrative spot were Zunder and speedjammer. There was no hope left for NAA. They had a freakishly bright purple skin, the old topics trashed in a trash bin of the forums. It was cracked once again. MisaTange left, and google'd New Age Ads for hope. Unfortunately, they had a suckish version no longer administrated by well-known NAA member. It was bought out by a member. Thanks to them, NAA is now inactive.
You can say this is a diary entry.

Nearly all of the New Age Ads generations were good. When I came out of summer vacation and typed in New Age Ads' long URL, I was excited and logged in. I registered into Driver's forum before NAA closed down.

by MisaTange July 08, 2009
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