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A teen pop icon that burst onto the music scene when he released his first fist-pumping single "Look Out" on iTunes and then catapulted into stardom with his second album "Shy on the Dancefloor"- this kid is a force to be reckoned with. Watch out David Guetta! Although he's never thrown a real rager himself, New Rager promises that when he gets enough money from his music career, he'll have a huge party in his beverly hills mansion (until the police show up of course).
Bro 1: "Hey bro! Stop talking to me! I'm listening to New Rager's "Shy on the Dancefloor!"

Bro 2: "RAGE ON BROSKI!!!"

Bro 1: "I couldn't study for exams. I was up all night listening to New Rager."
by BroseidonBroski January 20, 2011
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