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NLHS-home of the Whalers and The Basketball State Champions of CT (2010-2011). It has a lot of students including the magnet school kids. Its also filled with unnecessary drama. The drama is mostly between the nasty skanky girls...but besides that its actually a really good school and mostly everyone gets along surprisingly. The best sports there are Basketball, Football, and Baseball. The girls teams are bad meaning volleyball sucks, softball sucks, and the girls basketball team REALLY SUCK! The best sports are played by the boys. No offense to the girls! And so it doesn't jus look like we are into sports the academics are good too. And no we are not a whole bunch of "gangsters", "hoodlums" or "hoes" even though that's how people tend to judge us.
New London High School...let's go whalers!
by -whaler April 25, 2011
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