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The act of tossing ones salad, or eating their asshole, while punching the girls vagina. This is a very complex maneuver, mastered only by some people.

Another way is to falcon punch the girls vagina. This means that you begin punching her pussy while eating her asshole, yelling out "Falcon Punch!"

NOTE: If the girl begins to scream or cry, pull out your dick and shove it in her mouth to shut the bitch up. This is optional but will gain lots of respect from other people
Dan- "Yo yesterday I was tossing my girls salad then things started getting a little crazy. I may have accidentally pulled a New Jersey mod meed on her."

Sean- "No big deal, I did that once to my bitch. She loved every second of it except the part where I stuck my cock in her mouth."

Dan- "Trillz Billz."
by m4rchu5 n00by February 24, 2010
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