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Nevon, is a tall muscular and very unique human being, very brainy and intelligent but doesn't show it. His knowledge and IQ levels are exceedingly higher than most peoples. He is a confident creature in his natural habitat with his group of wild friends. Nevon is laid back, sporty and chilled guy, count yourself lucky to have someone with a name and glasses like that. Your a special human to have him.
Girls "Wow have you ever heard of someone called nevon"
Girl 2 "No, it must be a very unique person, very sexy 1 in a million"
by seanthehobbit February 18, 2019
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A name for a new zealandish teacher who teaches maths, regularly changes her hair always has grey roots and buys magenta clothes from m and s
Draw this maths Griph clawwwsss okie?
by Ogaiy June 14, 2003
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