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The fear of skin moles. The medical term for a mole is a NEVUS; Nevi are the plural of nevus. It is different from "dermatosiophobia" which is the fear of contracting a skin disease. Neviphobia is the fear of looking at or touching moles on one's self or on others but does not include the fear that touching moles will cause them to spread (that would be included in dermatosiophobia). It can range from the mild opinion that moles are unattractive to the extreme inability to be near someone with visible moles.
1. Cindy Crawford would be pretty if only she didn't have that horrible mole on her lip.

2. Enrique Iglesias used to be a mole face but looks really hot now that he's had it removed. See also Enrique's Mole and Molebarrassed

3. We broke up because I have Neviphobia and every time we had sex I kept touching those big lumpy moles and even in the dark it gave me the heebies.
by LoveBrownBoys June 25, 2010
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