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The act of getting off your ass and doing something to bring your country back to its glory days were people didn't blame their problems on immigrants, voted for their country no matter the weather and not just voting for American Idol or Americas Got Talent, and when parents actually acted like parents and did not let their kids be assholes at the age of 5; because it is going to hell and your tired of living in it the way it is now. Inspired by Christopher Titus's Neverlution.
Man Christopher Titus's Neverlution makes me want to get off my ass and do something to actually improve this country!
by ForbidenProdigy July 05, 2011
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A disparaging reference to the same THEORY also known as Evolution among those who subscribe to it. The term "Neverlution" is intended for use by proponents of opposing views of evolution and endeavors to include a commentary on the likelihood of life spontaneously arising and successfully changing to progressively better equipped forms.

Use of "Neverlution" seeks to exacerbate the situation of the hopelessly besieged theorists whose life's work amounts to mere wishful thinking while it hobbles along without intelligence, guidance or interference from any source outside of the lifeforms' already ill-explained environment.

Use of the term "neverlution" is always facetious and especially applies in discussions surrounding the fact that proponents of the terminally flawed theory of evolution have provided no explanation for how life arose in the first place.
Have you ever noticed that Neverlution works fine if you *only* discuss lions hunting deer but it says nothing about defenseless fruit trees and vegetables? How'd those get here?
by Shandooga McGluckfeez May 05, 2008
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