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1: (n.) The feeling of mental ecstasy after a revelation from an idea, memory, realization or other thought of such epic, revolutionary or enticing proportion that the state of mental pleasure can only be comparable to having an orgasm.

2: (v.) (neuroejaculate, -ed, -ing) To feel an ecstatic state of mental status, as if nothing else matters.

3: (n.) BRAINGASM (adj. -ic) (v. -ing, -ed)
First Person Shooters are the icon of modern gaming.

Being Call of Duty as the most popularized game of the iconic genre by holding the most members (and possibly of all time in gaming, even more than World of Warcraft), it can be considered an icon of modern gaming.

Call of Duty was based off of the Quake 3 engine, created by id Software.

id Software developed the Quake engine which lead to many great games and that of Call of Duty, making it the revolution to modern gaming.

id Software revolutionized, popularized and possibly created First Person Shooters with Wolfenstein 3D, as well as gained the momentum to later create Quake.

As Wolfenstein being considered the start of First Person Shooters and it being an indirect inspiration to the engine that runs the largest game of the genre makes Wolfenstein the inspiration of modern gaming, as it as well revolutionized adventure gaming into modern RPG gaming.

Since Wolfenstein was based off of World War II and more specifically the Nazi party, the Nazis lead to the creation of Wolfenstein.

The point: Hilter made modern gaming.

What you are experiencing right now, is an example of neuroejaculation.
by IamSen January 16, 2011
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