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The feeling of utter loss and depression one feels after finishing all the episodes of a really good show on Netflix
When I finished watching every second of 'Friends", I was at a loss. Must be a pretty severe case of Netflix Withdrawal Syndrome
by AnAngryMongoose August 28, 2016
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An affliction that is not officially recognized, but can be self diagnosed easily. If you haven't watched Netflixin in more than 14 hours give or take you may experience chills, fevers, pain, sweats, nausea, vomiting, irritability, sudden fits of rage, among multiple other symptoms. There is no known cure. However, the symptoms or best treated by watching a quick 20-22 minute episode of a good show on Netflix. More episodes/movies may be needed.
I get motion sickness on planes and boats, but I don't like telling people that cause so I tell them I suffer from Netflix Withdrawal Syndrome, really just a great excuse for why I am sick.
by SpartnMarine June 28, 2014
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